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Meet Our Mermaid

This Indie Life  |  17/02/2023

There is nothing Anne loves more than plunging into freezing cold water and laughing at Steve as he dips his toe.

A Song For October

This Indie Life  |  17/02/2023

Steve sings you a song all about the weather!

A Tasty Start To Autumn

This Indie Life  |  17/02/2023

We love this time of year, it’s time to tuck into some proper warming food. Try this spicy fsh stew, it’s one of our faves.

Gardening Tips for October

This Indie Life  |  16/02/2023

There’s a lot you can do in the garden in October, whether that’s making your garden look better, harvesting crops or planting new ones. These autumn gardening tips, will help you get the most from your garden in October