Trumpington Physiotherapy

Coach House Health Care, The Courtyard, Anstey Hall, Trumpington, Cambridge , CB2 9LN

01223 340491

07879 408796

Physiotherapist Nick Smith absolutely loves his job. With 30 years in the profession, he gets great satisfaction in helping people on a daily basis.


Hailing from Stockton on Tees, Nick trained in Coventry before starting his career in London in 1993. When Cambridge later became home, he seized the opportunity to set up Trumpington Physiotherapy in 2020 and hasn’t looked back since.


Located within Coach House Health Care in the beautiful grounds of Anstey Hall, Trumpington Physiotherapy is one of a group of clinics offering a range of expert treatments. Specialising in musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries, Nick treats patients from eight to 98. Whether you are seeking help for an acute sports injury, chronic pain or post-surgical rehabilitation, Nick’s straightforward approach is the same for all patients – to treat their pain by offering advice and education.


To do this Nick begins every consultation by asking the patient to explain in their own words exactly what’s been going on and he will listen to their concerns. He will then try to reassure the patient about why they are experiencing pain before beginning treatment to alleviate the problem and improve movement. Every session concludes with Nick advising a couple of short exercises to be repeated between appointments. Nick will film you doing these on your own phone so you don’t forget how to do them!


A huge advocate for movement in all its forms, Nick is a keen runner himself and has experienced his own sporting setbacks in the past as well as breaking an arm and hip in separate accidents. Thankfully fully recovered now, these events led him to experience acute pain and the negative effect it has on wellbeing, giving an insight to some of his patients’ experiences.