The Cambucha

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The rise in popularity of fermented foods, especially amongst health-conscious millennials, has seen probiotic-rich kombucha, kimchi and kefir emerge as superfoods. Lukas and Kasia, the dynamic husband and wife team behind The Cambucha – who handcraft premium kombucha on the outskirts of Cambridge – have been fermenting food since childhood.


Growing up in Poland, pickling and fermenting foods (from cucumber to cabbage) was a way of life, and this passion for healthy living continued into adulthood.
Food science consultant Lukas and PhD researcher Kasia began brewing drinks at home during lockdown to find an alternative to alcohol. With a young family to care for, they wanted a beverage which had rich, grown-up flavours, gave them energy and was gut-friendly, but had none of the negative effects of alcohol.


The result was their delicious, lightly fizzy, small batch kombucha, made from a carefully-curated blend of fermented teas and lush whole fruits (with no artificial flavourings). Friends were so impressed, they urged the couple to sell their kombucha, and so, after much planning and fine-tuning of brewing techniques, The Cambucha was born!


With beautiful branding, in the city’s trademark Cambridge light blue, featuring the Bridge of Sighs on its biodegradable labels, The Cambucha comes in three flavours. There’s Original, for kombucha aficionados, which is reminiscent of apple cider; Raspberry, which is bursting with red berry flavour (with ‘the aroma of a French patisserie’); and the delightfully zingy Lemon and Ginger.


The Cambucha launched its delectable drinks at Cambridge Yoga Festival in July 2023, with customers loving the ‘surprising rich and refreshing flavour’, and is currently available at indie producers, including Daily Bread and The Larder at Burwash Manor.


If you’re a kombucha virgin, try tantalising your tastebuds with The Cambucha’s antioxidant-rich concoction, and enjoy the pleasure of a grown-up drink without the hangover!