The Brew Project

07305 938 515 (call for wholesale coffee supplies)

Jonny Bescoby, roaster of fine Columbian coffee beans and owner of The Brew Project, is one of the most affable people you’re likely to meet. He simply loves to chat (especially if the topic is coffee), and so unsurprisingly knows most of his customers by name. Jonny fell in love with coffee whilst living in Australia, describing the experience as ‘like falling down a rabbit hole’, as he discovered multiple outlets for creativity from tasting to package design. He launched The Brew Project three years ago, roasting beans sourced from a Columbian farmers’ collective at his own roastery in Castle Acre. Today he spends three days a week there, perfecting the delicate roasting process, to create a deliciously smooth blend which supplies wholesale customers including Restaurant 22, Cambridge, and The River Terrace, St Ives. When not roasting, Jonny can be found at Kerb Kollective – the hip riverside cafe he runs alongside ‘a mob of passionate coffee pro’s’.