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When you have an all-encompassing job and are toiling at the coalface 9 to 5, it’s hard to step back and see the bigger picture. But to truly flourish, and be the best version of yourself, whether you’re a sole trader, team member or high-flying executive, it’s important to take time to talk, consider your energy focus and recalibrate.


Not sure where to start? We’d recommend a chat with leadership and organisational development consultant, Sarah Massie, founder of The Blooming People Partnership in Cambridge.


Sarah, who has almost 30 years’ experience in the NHS (from pharmacist to Director of People and Culture), and previously ran coaching and mentoring business Sarah Massie Consulting, launched her partnership in 2021.


Having worked for the NHS throughout the pandemic, Sarah had seen first-hand the burnout suffered by colleagues, so wanted to devote more time to supporting people working in stressful situations. Leaving her full-time job, she joined forces with executive coach and former NHS colleague, Chris Birbeck and gathered a team of 12 like-minded experts, with an array of coaching, leadership and education skills, plus more than 25 years’ experience supporting managers and leaders across the public and voluntary sector.


Describing themselves as ‘organisational ecologists’, the associates work predominantly in the public sector including NHS trusts, primary care, schools, academies and higher education, giving people, teams and organisations the tools and techniques to thrive.


Recent clients have included children’s hospices, Cambridge charities and indie business owners. Though the clientele varies, the universal feedback is that Sarah is a great listener, compassionate and kind, bringing a sense of fun and humour, ‘which make dealing with the difficult stuff, so much easier’.


For Sarah, the ‘Aha moments’, when a client finds their inner belief and confidence, allowing them to ‘bloom’, are ‘an absolute joy’.