Sarah Ingram – writer/teacher/drama coach

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An avid reader and spinner of stories as a child, not to mention menacing grown-ups at family gatherings with her cry of ‘let’s do a play!’, Sarah Kenyon Ingram has had a lifelong love affair with words, written and spoken. It’s what you can do with them that fascinates her, words create worlds.

Sarah became a professional actor after graduating from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and enjoyed a 13-year career – one highlight of which was an appearance in The Professionals – before hanging up her stage make-up box when her son was born. She has since built an impressive array of directing credits in local community theatre and is an Associate Artist with Cambridge Theatre Company. Realising how much she enjoys coaxing the best possible performance from her actors, she is now using her expertise to coach students of all ages for the highly-valued LAMDA exams.

This newly-realised affection for coaching led Sarah back to the University of Cambridge – she holds a University of Cambridge Master’s in Creative Writing – to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Creative Writing. She’s a member of the National Association of Writers in Education and runs classes and workshops in creative fiction and non-fiction both independently and for Cambridgeshire Libraries where she’s a part-time Community Library Assistant. She believes fervently that creative writing can be inspiring, therapeutic and, above all, fun. It’s good for your well-being, she insists, and yes, anybody can do it.

Sarah is also a writer, writing regularly for local glossy magazine, Velvet, and for our very own Indie. Her main personal project is a memoir she’s writing about her father, who died when she was little. Writing the memoir has brought him alive for her.

It may seem like Sarah is dashing off in all directions but there is a coherence to her work: words. She loves them, and wants other people to love them too, whether they’re reading her words, writing their own words, or performing words.