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Rota Wrangler


Devising a staff rota can be a logistical nightmare as you try to keep track of employees’ holidays, juggle shifts and consider profit margins.
Kamil Kuczynski witnessed this problem first hand whilst working in the hospitality industry as he watched his brother – a chef – became frustrated at this time-consuming endeavour. Drawn up on paper, the rota would continually change, with staff receiving countless versions over WhatsApp, leading to confusion.
A problem-solver at heart, Kamil set about creating a solution – an innovative rota management app – drawing on his digital design background and User Experience Optimisation expertise. Kamil pitched his idea to Stavros Zavrakas, who runs Cambridge-based software house, Orthogonality. The duo, who collaborated on an R&D project at Cambridge Assessment, then brought onboard software engineer Ilias Koritsas. Their start-up, Rota Wrangler, officially launched in March 2021, and was accepted on the prestigious Judge Business School’s Accelerate Cambridge scheme that summer.
So, what exactly does Rota Wrangler offer? Essentially, it’s a fast, flexible, and easy-to-use rota management app suitable for any business, incorporating staff scheduling, a handy holiday booking system, plus a clocking on and off facility, ensuring accurate records are kept of hours worked. It also helps businesses stay within budget as managers can share daily forecasts, which the app will use to calculate the labour cost percentage against the sales.
The Rota Wrangler team is currently working closely with a variety of businesses to assess their requirements for the app, using this feedback to shape the product and enhance functionality.
Not only is it a great time-saver, it’s also planet-friendly, allowing a paperless approach, plus Rota Wrangler has pledged to plant a tree for each new subscriber (for an initial period). You can try the app for free for three months, so why not give it a whirl?