Richard Heeps

2 Springfield Road, Cambridge, CB4 1AD

07779 704 946

Richard Heeps’ seductive, highly saturated colours and sophisticated pictorial structures demonstrate a true love and empathy for his subject matter – be it cool descriptive interiors, still life or landscape. His distinctive style pushes the limits of photography.


Richard is a film-based photographer, using a range of vintage analogue cameras. He considers himself to have three studios, the external studio (on location), his darkroom where he make his master prints, and his home studio where the artworks are mounted, framed and finished.


Although brought up in East Anglia, Richard was heavily influenced by America – visiting American bases, keeping magazine cuttings and following drag racing. The speed, lifestyle and technicolour are reflected in his imagery and ‘American colour’ is a major aspect in his work.


At age ten, Richard began participating in art shows and became comfortable with showing his work and the praise and criticism which is part of an artist’s development. Throughout his professional career, he has been lucky enough to exhibit work in museums and public galleries, and since 2008, his gallery Bleach Box, founded with Natasha Heidler, has taken part in many international art fairs in America, Asia and Europe. Richard loves connecting with his audience and of course it’s also led to him creating many more artworks whilst on his travels.


Richard now primarily works from his home studio and darkroom in Cambridge. Creating new artworks, going out on location around the country and archiving his work has led to new releases of unseen negatives dating back over twenty years. And he manages to maintain a connection with his appreciative audience around the world through his website and Instagram, art fairs, exhibitions and collaborations with galleries.