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A new direction for Re:store…
Re:store will soon launch a brand new marketplace that lets people shop and connect with independent stores. Visit their website to register for early access.
The concept behind Re:store is innovative but seemingly simple. Put a widget on your website and when a new shopper comes to visit they click straight through to your profile – where they learn all about you and your business – and can then set up a video call with you to find out more. Welcome to the bridge between the online and offline worlds.


Re:store, say co- founders Jon Reynolds and Siling Tan, is all about enabling a human connection online. Customers want an authentic and personal retail experience. When they visit an indie shop they get a real sense of the trader/maker they’re buying from. When they visit a website they’re just buying an image, it’s impersonal. Making a video call from home is as close to walking into the shop as you can get without actually walking into the shop. Since the video call is one-way, customers can still shop in their pyjamas and know their privacy is safe. And they’re able to ask questions, and get a product demo if they want. Then they can leave genuine, honest ratings and reviews.


Imagine what this means for your business. You can build a narrative with your customers, which leads to trust and credibility. And the possibilities don’t end there. If you’re a jeweller working from a shed in your garden, selling your work online because you don’t have a shop, imagine how satisfying it would be if your customer could tell you exactly which gemstone they want in the piece you’re making for them. They’re not buying something that anyone could have, they’re buying something bespoke and personal.


Jon and Siling aim to make Re:store as responsive to its customers. Would two-way video calling be useful in some circumstances? Would you like to have a scheduling function so that customers can pre-book a video call? Re:store is listening – because it’s all about building relationships. Simple. Well, it is with Re:store.