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Maggie’s Farm Shop

16 Cambridge Road, Barton, Cambridge, CB23 7AR

01223 263169

Maggie’s Farm Shop is intriguingly different. Lucilla Rayner, the shop’s owner, sells a fascinating mix of Nordic, British and Japanese products; there’s a bespoke shop design with tailor-made Finnish sauna wood lining the walls; and, enveloping it all like a big, warm hug, are the stories behind the shop and behind every lovingly hand-picked item in it.


Maggie was Lucy’s Finnish mum who came to England to be a nurse and met, married and settled down with Lucy’s father on the farm he had been born on. She opened a farm shop 40 years ago, and the ringing of the shop bell and the running to fetch vegetables and eggs were a huge part of Lucy’s life. It’s no wonder she dreamed of having her own shop one day, in that same space: her reinterpretation of Maggie’s Farm Shop.


Today the shop sells artisan products sourced from Finland, Iceland, Japan and the UK, products that share the same love and celebration of nature, that are straight to the point, high quality, and beautiful too. Lucy studied textiles and fashion at college so she appreciates the work and talent that goes into the making of the things she sells, and having a personal connection with the makers is deeply important to her. So is simplicity.


Gardening is a particular passion so the shop sells everything you could possibly need to build up your tool shed: pruners, trowels, rakes and loppers, Finnish Fiskars scissors which Lucy swears by, kneeling pads, holsters, garden bags and brooms. There’s food, of course, and that too tends to the unusual, things that Lucy loves and would love other people to love too, things like seeds, local honey, seaweed for seasoning, Icelandic chocolate. And veg.


This is Maggie’s Farm Shop, embodying love of gardening, of being cosy at home, of finding little luxuries for yourself and others, of beautiful, practical kitchenware. All that love captured in a setting personally designed to complement and complete a truly unique space.