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‘Being your own boss’, is something many people aspire to, and yes, setting up and running your own business can be exhilarating, but it certainly isn’t easy. When you’re knee-deep in all those daily tasks required to keep your business going, and your staff and customers happy, there’s not much time (or head space), to think about more strategic aspects like developing the business, marketing and communications. So, you need help and that’s exactly where KUCO, run by Katie Underwood, comes into the picture.


Katie is a former manager of a Michelin-starred restaurant and a business owner with over ten years working in the hospitality industry. Importantly too, she knows, and has a genuine passion for, the indie scene in and around Cambridge and wants to see it grow and flourish.


New ventures as well as some of the city’s biggest names work closely with KUCO on all aspects of their businesses – from social media strategy and management, email marketing, targeted online advertising and PR through to e-commerce, staff training and business development.


KUCO are hospitality specialists, but they have a range of clients, all providing exceptional customer experiences from independent restaurants and boutique brands to businesses in the health, beauty and medical sectors. Clients such as the internationally renowned Locke Hotel, recently opened in Eddington, partner with KUCO to launch their brand locally, creating trusted connections and managing their citywide PR.


Passionate too about helping a new generation of professionals develop their skills in hospitality and therefore hopefully change the face of the industry post-pandemic, KUCO have trained four promising young people as part of the Government’s Kickstarter scheme and recruited an experienced events manager to their flourishing team of ten.


The personification of professionalism and positivity, it’s no surprise that her clients’ testimonials of her are glowing, and that they see Katie and the KUCO team as a real and integral part of their business success.