Ryan Cooper Henniker, founder of INTENT*, is a champion of smaller companies with a big purpose. And with 20 years in communications and advertising, he knows a thing or two about brand consultancy.


His stellar career has seen him become Senior Director at M&C Saatchi, Head of Communications at BESTSELLER, and Senior Brand Partner at the LEGO Group, but alongside representing major brands, Ryan has always nurtured smaller brands, growing their communities and audiences. Now he wants to use his rich experience as a power for good by working with small and medium-sized organisations and individuals that have similar values to himself and that are anchored in enterprises that improve people’s lives, either by enhancing the environment and spaces around us, or by making people’s human experience better.


Partnership is the key for Ryan. He believes that his, and INTENT*’s, role is to work in close partnership with the leaders, founders, and CEOs of purpose-driven initiatives and, through that partnership, improve the world we live in. Cambridge, says Ryan, is the ideal place to do this work; as a propositional market it’s an exciting place to be, home to people with great ideas, innovators, creative freethinkers who want to improve humanity, and he’s excited to be part of this innovation hub.


INTENT* offers a wide range of strategic brand development, creative and communication services and Ryan is particularly interested in working with companies across lifestyle, environmental, sustainability, community, hospitality, design and tech innovation sectors.


INTENT* is available to take on new clients and continue to support business across the city.