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Hair Systems Cambridge

215 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3BE

07537 145878

Though hair loss is a physical phenomenon, it can lead to a whole host of psychological effects, from anxiety to low self-esteem.


Joe Altomonte, founder of Hair Systems Cambridge, understands this emotive connection to hair more than most. A director of Fratelli Hair on Mill Road (alongside brother Luigi), Joe began experiencing thinning hair at the age of 19 and admits ‘it made me lose a massive part of myself’. So, four years ago – having tried various treatments including regenerative shampoos and conditioners – he underwent a hair transplant, which was a huge success.


However, when Joe was approached by a long-term client about non-surgical alternatives to hair transplants, he began exploring other avenues. What he discovered – and has now turned into a flourishing business – is hair systems, which look fantastic, are simple to fit and mean a client can undergo a dramatic transformation, from balding to full head of hair, in around two hours.


The real hair is colour matched and styled to suit the individual, who will then return to the salon for ongoing maintenance to keep their dos in top-notch condition. Having experienced hair loss first-hand, and trained extensively in this area (specifically in trichology, emotional intelligence and wig fitting for those with alopecia and cancer), Joe has huge empathy and understanding. And the rewards of his feel-good business – which operates from Fratelli Hair – are incredible; clients that walk in feeling self-conscious, barely able to look in a mirror, emerge confident and beaming as they admire their reflection post treatment.


Joe has been told that his hair systems have ‘changed lives’ – and he’s even received emails from clients’ partners thanking him for restoring their other half’s happiness. There can surely be no better job satisfaction than that!