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Dining out can be a challenge for people whose food choices are limited to certain ingredients.
So, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a clever app loaded with menus from local restaurants, which could display your personalised food recommendations at the touch of a button? A digital platform that made dinner parties a doddle by detailing your guests’ food preferences? Well, Cambridge entrepreneur Suyash Bhatt has created exactly this in food-tech start-up, Foodbud.ai.
A next-generation food recommendation platform, Foodbud helps subscribers navigate their nutritional options based on taste preferences, dietary requirements, and health goals. Suyash launched Foodbud in January 2021, having completed an MBA in Entrepreneurship at the Judge Business School and being accepted on the Accelerate Cambridge programme.
Prior to that he’d worked as a software developer, before joining the family’s beverage manufacturing company in India, and starting his own agri-tech business.
Suyash spent nine months talking to people with food intolerances about issues they faced dining out. He then began collaborating with local restaurants, offering free access to the platform in return for their menus and ingredient lists, which were added to Foodbud’s ‘data lake’.
Subscribers will be able to view these menus, and receive notifications of dishes that suit their tastes, ranked in order. A further partnership with Norwich-based food and health specialists, Quadram Institute, means app users will also benefit from dynamic insights into calories consumed and their overall nutrition.
Suyash hopes Foodbud will create transparency and traceability in the food industry, and will become a social media platform akin to Netflix, with subscribers embracing the interactive, fun elements. In the meantime, he’s appealing for more restaurants to pilot his innovative app, due to go live this summer. We can’t wait to sign up to see what delicious dishes it recommends for us!