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Felicity White Interiors

New Mill House, Chesterton Mill, Cambridge, CB4 3NP

01223 756559

When we make purchasing decisions on the grounds of our health or environmental factors, they usually relate to things like food or fashion. So, what about our homes? Especially considering we are all spending a lot more time there, shouldn’t we be thinking about them along these lines too?


It can be tricky though – trying to find out about the environmental credentials of a sofa or the potentially harmful effects of a type of paint. Luckily though, interior designer Felicity White is there to help her clients navigate their way through these decisions as she has spent many hours researching and demystifying the world of interior products as well as the design process itself.


Like many of us can probably relate to, Felicity (a creative at heart), was initially dissuaded from pursuing a career in design, but subsequent roles in management consultancy and project management have come in extremely useful since launching her interior design business. With a thirst for knowledge, Felicity has gone on to acquire formal qualifications in interior design and regularly keeps up to date via industry talks and courses.


Felicity couples her knowledge with a desire for complete transparency in her work. Anything design-related can be seen as a bit ‘smoke and mirrors’, but that’s not how she operates. On her informative website, Felicity has her design services clearly broken down, and she’s also keen to suggest incorporating second-hand products as a sustainable option and pass on trade discounts on new products.


Designing for both residential and commercial clients, Felicity helps her clients to develop their own personal style and works with them either online using e-design or face-to-face to not only create beautiful, sustainable interiors, but give them the confidence to go on to create their own.