Emily Jolley


Emily Jolley’s studio is a visual snapshot of the abstract artist’s creative talents. It is at the Milton-based space that she works on her expressive paintings. In the midst of the experimental sketches, numerous brushes and finessed works-in-progress, is an old office chair with the words ‘artwork is work’ painted on its back. The slogan is a reminder to Emily that the space is where she is meant to be, whether her time there is spent experimenting with a new technique, sketching out an idea or simply contemplating an existing piece. It is in the studio that Emily creates her beautiful and impactful artwork in both small and large scale. Emulsion paint is a signature material for the Huntingdon based artist, though she works in a variety of media.


Having always been creative, Emily studied art at Manchester Metropolitan University and later achieved a First in fine art painting from Bath School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University.


Despite her obvious talent, Emily was aware of the financial challenges artists can face, so to support her art she also works as a business development professional. For much of her career the two sides have remained separate, but Emily has recently found ways to blend her creative and project management skills, something she demonstrated with the launch of Huntingdon Art Gallery in 2022. Located within Cambs Lock, Huntingdon’s ‘indoor village’, Emily has turned a space within the hub for indie businesses into a gallery, which is now a platform for local artists works. Emily also organises exhibitions on behalf of other art groups, collaborates with businesses such as fellow indie member Providence, and has been shortlisted for the Visual Artists Association Professional Artist of the year award 2023.


Emily’s art is available to buy, and commissions are welcomed.