Ellie Senior Freelance Copywriting

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Finding the right words to market your business – particularly when words aren’t your business – can be challenging. That’s where Freelance Copywriter Ellie Senior can help.


Whether you’re looking to update your website with content that clearly represents what you offer, reach out to existing customers with informative leaflets and brochures or put together a magazine advert that builds your visibility, Ellie’s clear and engaging writing style will get your message across.


Ellie works with a wide range of independent businesses on a regular and one-off basis offering a portfolio of writing services. But what is consistent is her very personal approach. Ellie’s growing collection of testimonials compliment how well she takes time to understand your business, know your clients and create compelling content that strengthens connection with the people who buy your products or services. With a degree in English Literature, Language and Creative Writing Ellie has always considered communication her superpower and in her own words, she absolutely loves her job. She takes great pleasure in speaking to new and prospective clients as it enables her to learn something new every day.


Crafting written content for your website is a key service Ellie provides. Your website is a virtual front door to your business and, in this digital age, is so important to get right. Ellie will help you communicate directly to your ideal customers, building their trust, educating them about your product and ultimately converting to sales.
Ellie also offers a write-and-design service for content such as email campaigns and adverts providing you with a complete package that takes content marketing off your to-do list.


If you think it might be time to take a look at how you reach out to customers, or you have stacks of marketing ideas but no time to put pen to paper, why not let Ellie help you tell your story?