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Cambridge Steiner School

Hinton Road, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5DZ

01223 882727


Becky Strauss left the Cambridge Steiner School in 2009 at the age of 11 as a happy, self-confident, and curious human being. She’s now studying medicine and says, “My Steiner primary education has given me valuable life skills that will make me not only a better, more holistic doctor but a happier, more well-rounded person!”


A Steiner Waldorf education nourishes the whole child. There has been a Steiner School in Cambridge for 25 years catering for children aged 2 to 16. It’s a small, independent school that cultivates not only the intellect but also emotional intelligence, and social and practical skills, offering an education that ‘engages the hand, heart and head’. Pupils learn through doing, by developing their natural curiosity, and as they begin to acquire knowledge for themselves, so they come to relish their discoveries, a relish for learning that they never lose.


An integral part of the school’s life is the innovative, outdoor education. There’s a wildlife pond and a forest garden, bees to make honey, and what the children grow in the organic garden they eat for their lunch. Sustainability lies deep in the school’s ethos: everything is recycled or composted and the building is powered by solar energy. Everything is natural, from the paint to the wood to the beeswax paintbrushes, and nothing is disposable; crayons given out in Class One are still being used in Class Six.


The respect and care the children show for the natural world is echoed in the respect and care they show for each other, particularly the older children to the younger. The school is on a single site and although different age groups have different break times, there is a real sense of a school community. When children move from Kindergarten to Class One, they’re welcomed with a personalized bag, made just for them by the children in Class Two.


Don’t take Becky’s word for it. Book a visit and see for yourself what children flourishing look like. To book a visit email admissions@cambridge-steiner-school.co.uk