Cambridge Luxury Bakes

85 Britannia Row, Northstowe, Cambridge, CB24 1DD

07368 846593

If you’re craving something sweet and indulgent, try a decadent treat created by the culinary wizards at Cambridge Luxury Bakes. We’re talking scrumptious Galaxy Cookie Dough Millionaire slices, oozing with caramel, deliciously dense Jammie Dodger Blondies and chewy Crème Egg stuffed Cookies.


The brains behind the quirky bakes are Jemma Page and partner Will Hodge, who up until the pandemic were working in catering equipment sales and nightclub management, respectively. However, furloughed from their jobs, they began experimenting with cake recipes, from lemon loaf to fudge, which they delivered as ‘care packages’ to friends and family. The sublime flavour fusions went down a storm – and so, in March 2021, the couple launched a website and sold 100 boxes of cakes in their first week.


Their next gig was a stall with Northstowe Foodies on Mother’s Day. They baked through the night, using their home oven, and their tantalising treats sold out. ‘That is when we knew we were on to something,’ Jemma says. The business has quickly evolved, and now has a pitch on Cambridge Market Tuesday to Saturday, plus pop-ups in and around Cambridge. It also sells UK-wide via its website and supplies local independent cafes.


Jemma, Will and their close-knit team, including Will’s sister Cassey, bake seven days a week. Their bestseller remains the Galaxy Cookie Dough Millionaire (a favourite with bodybuilders on ‘cheat day’!), along with the Frownie (a fudge-topped Oreo and white chocolate brownie). They also have a vegan range, including the Biscoff Brownie and Bakewell Blondie.


Just over two years since launching Cambridge Luxury Bakes, Jemma is still amazed that a hobby has grown into a flourishing business. We wonder what wow-factor bakes the team will dream up next?