Café au Chocolat

16-17 Green Street, Cambridge, CB2 3JU

07825 543538

It’s just over a year since Krystyna Szypryt opened the doors to Café au Chocolat bringing her first-class coffee, authentic French crêpes and luxurious chocolate to the city. Located on Green Street, the continental café is the sister outlet to Krystyna’s successful Stamford-based eatery, which has been serving the same delicious coffee, crêpes and chocolate combination for 10 years.


Krystyna always knew she wanted to own her own café. When she was 12, she visited her parents’ homeland, Poland, and on a visit to a ‘gorgeous little café in the mountains’ she knew she wanted to create the same ambience somewhere herself.


After studying languages at university, the linguist enjoyed a successful career in sales which saw her travel the world. Having spent time in coffeeshops, restaurants and airports far and wide Krystyna has tasted a range of flavours but has never found anything that trumps her love of French food. Authentic French crêpes are the hero food item on the menu with an array of sweet and savoury options to choose from, including gluten free and vegan. Made in the Brittany style, which uses buckwheat flour, Krystyna trained in the French region to perfect the traditional dish.


Café au Chocolat takes great pride in its coffee and hot chocolate selection, offering own label beans alongside single origin Arabica beans. You will also find handcrafted, award-winning, single origin hot chocolate, which is ethically sourced and suitable for vegans. The luxurious chocolates from French chocolatier Valrhona and artisan chocolate makers are special treats for chocolate lovers!


On the menu you will also find locally produced croissants, pastries and scones from indie bakery Stir, French-style pâtisserie and Gourmet brownies.
With her love of languages Cambridge is the perfect location for you to enjoy a French-style afternoon tea and Krystyna’s delicious combination of French cuisine.
The venue is also available for hire for events and celebrations, contact 07825543538