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Beaucroft Watches

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Some people might call it fate, others would say it was coincidence, but the best way to describe the story of Beaucroft Watches is simply that of perfect timing.


When Matt Herd and Karim Faisali first met through their partners, they immediately hit it off. Both had backgrounds in design, both shared a passion for Cambridge; its beauty as well as its independent scene, and quite quickly they realised another shared love – watches.


Along with an appreciation for the design elements of watches, they both felt the emotional connection these classic timepieces possessed. With his Persian/Irish background, Karim’s family had been avid jewellery collectors and for Matt, fixing a watch passed down to him from his late grandfather, taught him how a watch could hold precious memories.


And so, for the friends, going into business together was the obvious next chapter. The name Beaucroft was chosen as it aptly stands for ‘Beautiful Creations of Time’. Their inaugural range ‘Senate’ is named after Senate House and Senate House Passage, a historic local landmark and a beautiful Cambridge street converging the three elements of town, gown and visitors.


The watches themselves (which are gender-neutral by design), are handcrafted classics powered by premium automatic movements – the beauty of which is visible thanks to the clever design of the back of the watch. And talking of design, everything from the colours – including Cambridge Blue and Senate House White – through to the teardrop shaped emblem on the face and the tapered bridge shape of the casework, is inspired by the architecture of Cambridge.


Matt and Karim have also made buying one of their watches an experience too; they partner with some of Cambridge’s most exciting independents; the Cambridge Gin Laboratory in Green Street, and Rutherford’s Punting to offer customers a unique, memorable time – very fitting for such special creations.