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Discover Pure Evil at The Art Hound Gallery

Arts & Crafts  |  07/03/2018

Fresh from his studio in London’s East End, the UK’s Urban Art heartland, comes the works of Pure Evil to The Art Hound Gallery – based at Burwash Manor. The gallery works directly with Pure Evil himself, Welsh born Charles Uzzell-Edwards, one of the world’s top street artists who began his career in California during the 90’s, where he would paint political slogans on roadsides and Murderers on gun stores.



Returning to London, his street work continued with a new graffiti tag that was to become his iconic signature – a vampire bunny – the result of a recurring childhood nightmare. His work was noticed by the team behind Banksy’s ‘Santa’s Ghetto’ and Pure Evil started to produce prints and paintings alongside his street work. His name came into the public sphere when he appeared on ‘The Apprentice’ advising on a Street Art task. Pure Evil’s work explores both the darker side of Pop Culture and the legacy of Pop Art in the contemporary age.


His popular ongoing ‘Nightmare’ series, which features 20th century icons with a dripping tear, was inspired by the current treatment of Andy Warhol by cheap print reproduction factories. Pure Evil set about going back to the techniques of the original Pop Artists – hand-pulled screen prints from hand-cut stencils, with added spray paint. His subjects often focus on the unsung or troubled aspect of celebrities, you’ll find Sharon Tate, Brian Jones and Natalie Wood amongst many. Continuing Street Art as a political commentary – Trump has been his latest target in screen print form.



The Art Hound Gallery always has a large selection of Pure Evil’s work, from his original limited edition prints to one-off editions, which are surprisingly affordable for such statement pieces that just ooze ‘cool’. The Art Hound has placed Pure Evil works in homes around Cambridgeshire to a wide variety of art lovers – and you may be surprised at one of his biggest collector bases –  clients in their 70s! Amongst the collectors who connect to the 1960’s icons of their youth, The Art Hound recently installed a huge neon orange Jackie Onassis into the front room of a 75 year-old lady. Don’t ever say Pure Evil is too ‘edgy’ for your home!



Find out more about The Art Hound Gallery by visiting their pages here.