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Prana Indian Restaurant

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Go back 30 years and Indian restaurants offered a fairly limited range of dishes; mild korma for the wimps, madras for the masses and volcanic vindaloo for the bravest tastebuds. But in recent years curry houses have had to diversify to survive, offering new and innovative options for more refined palates. Cambridge’s Prana Indian Restaurant is one such success story.

Run by Kobir Ahmed, Prana opened in its current format in 2016. It's light, airy, and contemporary, tables impeccably dressed with crisp white tablecloths (iron-pressed, no less). The menu caters for all, offering dhansak, bhuna, dopiaza, madras et al for takeaway traditionalists, fresh seafood choices and a multitude of vegan options (including a vegan naan made without milk and eggs, so original it's garnered national attention).

Signature dishes include melt-in-the-mouth Sikandari Lamb (a shank cooked over 48 hours and served in a chickpea sauce), and fragrant Korai Kabab Khyberi (chicken marinated in a mix of exotic spices). The platter appetisers, thoughtfully named after Kobir's son Rizwan and daughter Amira, are also bestsellers, mouth-watering medleys of street food, samosas and pakoras.

Prana in Indian means 'soul' or 'life' and there's no doubt Kobir has put his heart and soul into this venture. He also sees himself and the restaurant as being very much part of real life as well as the local community, and recent fund-raising has seen Prana’s loyal customers helping Kobir to raise £1,500 to support the Little Hearts Project which provides free life-saving cardiac surgery for children with congenital heart defects.


Now Kobir has set his sights on raising the same amount of money for a charity that is literally on Prana’s doorstep. Through Prana’s growing digital social platforms, Kobir has combined a local ‘how hot can you handle’ curry competition with his desire to raise money for Lifecraft, based opposite the restaurant, to support their vital work in local mental health care.











97, Mill Road




Tel: 01223 229988







Monday 12-2pm - 5-11pm
Tuesday 12-2pm - 5-11pm
Wednesday 12-2pm - 5-11pm
Thursday 12-2pm - 5-11pm
Friday 12-2pm - 5-11pm
Saturday 12-2pm - 5-11pm
Sunday 12-2pm - 5-10pm


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