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Babouris: The HMO Agency

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Alex Babouris has a passion for property and it started young when he bought his first flat at the age of 20, shortly followed by a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO). He used high street letting agencies to manage his HMOs at first, but quickly realized that he was doing the lion’s share of the work himself – and so was born Babouris: The HMO Agency.


Alongside his passion for his business, Alex feels a tremendous responsibility for the people he does business with: his landlords and his tenants. Talking to his prospective tenants, he gets a feel for what they’re looking for, what sort of people they are, and then matches them against his properties and the other people who live in them. He knows that when someone takes a room in a shared house, they’re joining a ready-made community. Relationships are important to Alex.


Tenants are all ages and come from all walks of life, students, young professionals living away from home for the first time – his oldest tenant is 62 and very proud of the fact – but what they all have in common is enjoying a high standard of customer service and high quality accommodation where everything, including professional cleaners and gardeners, is included in the rent.


It’s no wonder that Alex has a large bank of tenants waiting for one of his house shares – in fact, demand outstrips supply so Alex’s focus now is on finding new landlords. As a property owner and landlord himself, he’s well-placed to see things from the landlord’s perspective. What makes his business unique is that he deals only with house shares and HMOs. HMOs aren’t standard, they’re subject to complex rules that are specific to each local authority, but Alex has a compliance team that takes care of all these potential headaches. He and his team are specialists. In fact, Babouris may be the only agency in Cambridge that deals solely with HMOs. That makes it very special indeed.





Floor 3, 5-60 Station Road




Tel: 01223 953899