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Amelie Flam-Kuche

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Alex and Regis Crepy own Amelie, an extremely unique concept. We’re talking about Flam-kuche – The Skinny Pizza – a traditional dish from the Alsace region in France and it’s the signature dish at Amélie Flam-Kuche, the stand-out restaurant with the bright yellow van in the Grafton Centre opposite the Vue cinema, that opened in 2018.


Flam-kuche is spread with their signature crème fraiche or tomato sauce and topped with a variety of mouth-watering ingredients. And it’s fast, very fast. It cooks in the oven for just 90 seconds and that means you taste every delicious bit of it. It’s the perfect pre-movie (or in-movie – Alex does take-out) dish. The ingredients are fresh and sourced locally, and there’s even a signature beer brewed by the Suffolk independent, Nethergate Brewery.


Amélie is a family affair. Regis has owned several highly successful restaurants and Alex grew up working in his parents’ eateries. After he graduated from the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Alex continued to learn his trade with Gaucho Restaurants in London, but he always wanted to open a restaurant brand with his father. The restaurant is named after Alex’s sister, an artist, and she has designed all the artwork.


Alex and Regis’ ambition was to impress their customers with the quality of the food and the quality of the service and they’re clearly achieving that ambition. Amélie is ranked in the top restaurants on TripAdvisor for Cambridgeshire, and it’s one of only four Cambridge restaurants to make it into the Good Food Guide. What really feeds their passion is watching their diners take their first bite, quickly followed by their smiles as they recognise that here is something at once familiar and different and utterly irresistible. They have recently introduced the Flam-kuche Flatpack where customers can order and build their very own at home. Each Flatpack comes with enough to feed four, check out their website for more information!






The Grafton Centre

(opposite the VUE cinema)




Tel: 01223 778898







Monday 11.30am - 8pm
Tuesday 11.30am - 8pm
Wednesday 11.30am - 8pm
Thursday 11.30am - 8pm
Friday 11.30am - 9pm
Saturday 11.30am - 9pm
Sunday 11.30am - 5.30pm